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Giant Pink Bunny is permanently closed.

Giant Pink Bunny

Artesina, Italy

Giant, pink stuffed rabbit on an Italian mountain. 


In 2005, residents of Artesina were surprised to look out their windows and see a new addition to one of the many 5,000 foot high mountains that dot the countryside in Northern Italy. Almost overnight, a gigantic pink bunny had taken its place atop the hill, starkly contrasting the dark green foliage covering the slopes.

At 200 feet long and 20 feet high, the gigantic bunny is hard to miss. Created by the art collective from Vienna, Gelitin, the macabre rabbit was built on the hill with its entrails streaming out to make visitors feel like the Lilliputians from Gulliver’s Travels. To accomplish their goals, Gelitin has encouraged visitors to climb, jump or take a short rest on top of the rabbit’s lifeless, stuffed body.

There is no removal date set for the Hase, and it will likely stay there until it is consumed by mother nature, or roving animals. The creators expected the bunny to last until 2025, though it had almost completely decomposed by 2016.

Update: The giant pink bunny is now almost entirely gone.

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