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Conch Shell House

Beach instrument turned bed and breakfast. 

Visitors shelling on Isla Mujeres dream of finding a conch like this. Its shape is perfect and its exterior is a lovely sea-washed white. It also comes with two bedrooms, air conditioning and a lush outdoor pool.

The Conch Shell House is tucked away on the Yucatan island and offers fantastic views of the Caribbean. It’s detailing is so similar to a conch and so close to the sea, onlookers must ask themselves if the shell house simply washed ashore ready for its inhabitants.

In fact, the house was designed by Octavio Ocampo, one of Mexico’s most famous artists, and his brother. The house is a perfect display of his surrealistic touch meeting summer-home functionality, and adds a unique underwater aesthetic to the neighborhood.

The Ocampo’s architectural masterpiece of the sea is as close to the sea snail lifestyle as a human being can get. Of course the Conch House has all the necessary creature comforts, but its origin in the Caribbean is present throughout. Aside from its impressive likening to the conch on its facade, the shell house features much sea-like detailing inside as well. Sinks and faucets are made from coral and shell, and the master bed’s headboard is styled similarly.

Unfortunately, the Conch Shell House is the Ocampo’s private residence and is not open to the public for touring. However, the house can be rented for private events and parties, or a romantic getaway.

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