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Toluca, Mexico

Cosmovitral Botanical Garden

Stained glass windows bathe this botanical garden in cosmic light. 

Housed in a former marketplace in Toluca, Mexico, the Cosmovitral Botanical Garden is filled with stained glass pieces that some say make the beauty of the flora within wither in comparison.  

After the market closed down in the 1970s, the Cosmovitral was repurposed as a botanical garden and outfitted with a number of colossal works of stained glass art in 1980. The botanical garden itself has over 500 species of plants primarily native to Mexico, and there are a number of fountains and bridges scattered throughout the landscape.

These organic surroundings, while breathtaking, are outshone by the huge stained glass murals surrounding the football-field-sized greenhouse. Comprising over 71 individual works, the windows display several themes relating to man and his understanding of the universe. The centerpiece of the collection is a huge central glass wall known as The Sun Man. When the sun shines through the windows, the building is awash in deep reds and warm blues, making the artful garden feel both organic and cosmic.

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