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Croft Moraig Stone Circle

Aberfeldy, Scotland

This Neolithic stone circle is the most complete of its kind in Scotland. 


Excavated in 1965, the Neolithic Croft Moraig (or Croftmoraig) stone circle was constructed over several millennia. Construction began in the second or third millennium B.C., when 14 timber posts were set up in a horseshoe pattern that measured 26 feet by 23 feet.

During the later second phase of construction, eight standing stones arranged in a large horseshoe pattern, measuring 26 feet by 20 feet and surrounded by a 55-foot stone bank, replaced the timber posts.

In the third and final phase of Croft Moraig’s construction, a circle of 12 standing stones measuring 39 feet in diameter was erected around the older horseshoe of stones. Two stones and two adjacent graves demark a southeast entrance into the circle. Though difficult to make out, one of these outer stones has cut marks along its surface. Neolithic pottery shards have also been found at the site.

Like many stone circles, it is believed that Croft Moraig was originally constructed for religious purposes. Over time, it was altered as the needs of those using it changed.

Know Before You Go

There is a small area in front of the stone circle where you can park a car. Please be considerate of those living nearby and do not block driveways or farm access tracks.

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