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Sopot, Poland

Krzywy Domek - Crooked House

This fairytale inspired, warped building houses restaurants, shops, and a radio station. 

Located in Sopot, Poland, this commercial building is a popular landmark for tourists and photographers. Built in 2004 by the design team of Szotynscy & Zaleski, this 4,000 sq. meter building is part of the Rezydent shopping center.

Inspiration for the unusually shaped building came from Polish fairytale illustrations by Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg. Appearing almost as though warped by a person playing with Photoshop, tourists are often hesitant to enter the vertigo-inducing entrance.

The local name of the building is Krzywy Domek which translates into English as “Crooked House” and is home to many popular shops, restaurants, and even a radio station.

Know Before You Go

The "Crooked House" is near the corner of Monte Cassino and Morska Streets with entrances on both.

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