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Cross Club

A steampunk-styled three-floor factory churning out art, activism, and electronic beats. 


The Cross Club, which is styled like a futuristic industrial pirate’s cove covered in twisting gears, lives up to its name, providing a space where people and art styles of all kinds can cross paths.

The club was founded by František Sádra Chmelík and a small group of friends in 2002. At the time, it was a low-key private space for DJs and other Czech creatives to practice. Word spread quickly though, and the owners were able to raise over half a million Czech koruna via crowdfunding to expand the club. Over the course of a few years, the little rehearsal space grew into a three-floor factory churning out art, activism, and education, in addition to bangin’ electronic concerts.

Most of the DJs who began Cross Club were dubstep, EDM, and/or breakbeat focused, but the club’s musical repertoire has expanded to include punk, ska, rockabilly, reggae, and myriad other styles. In addition to the musical offerings, Cross Club has a number of family friendly programs during the day. Children’s theater and puppet shows happen in the afternoon. The club’s “Ghettollege” program presents educational lectures on everything from Islamic theology to software programming. These are usually free of charge and open to the public. Other events include poetry readings, film screenings, and costume contests. There is also, of course, a bar and café in case you work up an appetite while dancing, learning, and exploring.

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