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Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Cueva Ventana

This limestone cave is scenically perched above Puerto Rico's Río Grande de Arecibo valley.  

Cueva Ventana translates literally to “Window Cave.” Famous with locals, the enchanting limestone cave is set into the side of a cliff and is open for visitors to explore as part of a paid tour offered by a private concession.

Window Cave offers impressive stalagmites and stalactites, reaching out of the floor and ceiling like jagged teeth in the gaping maw of the cavern. But the real highlight comes at the end of the short path through solid rock created by the cave.

The passage finishes dramatically, opening into a spellbinding hole in the face of the cliff and framing the lush Río Grande de Arecibo valley far below. The scenic vistas from this vantage point have attracted visitors for decades, providing views across the entire valley and down to the ground below.

Beyond the main attraction of Cueva Ventana, there are several other rocky chambers surrounding the area, including shorter and more challenging caves ripe for exploration and even spelunking.

Know Before You Go

From San Juan take Route 22 West to Route 10 South, exit 75B at KM75. Park at or near the Texaco gas station on the east side of the road (they sometimes charge to park at the station).

Update: They have privatized the cave and now there's an entrance fee, with free parking. The person that owns the land is a Biologist and conservationist.

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