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Dandelion Botanical Company

Essence of hound's tongue and tincture of bloodroot are just the tip of the herbalist iceberg at this beautiful, impressively-stocked apothecary. 


Hundreds of amber glass jars line the walls of this family-owned apothecary, filled to the brim with exotic salts, colorful spices and a fascinating selection of flowers and herbs boasting names that seem to have been pulled straight from a fairytale witch’s grimoire.

Relocated from Seattle to Sequim, over 400 herbs can be found in this little gem of a shop that heavily emphasizes its use of organic and ethically wildcrafted sources. Specialty tinctures and essential oils can be ordered as well, made in-store using a steam distillation process. In addition to their abundant bulk selection, the shopkeepers have a wealth of knowledge in traditional herbal healing, drawing from Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine as well as Native American practices. 

Dandelion Botanicals offers a number of courses in herbalism, ranging from medicine-making using seasonal, local plants to an introduction in home-brewing fermented drinks. The ambitious can even enroll in a training program designed to prepare its students for entrance exams for the American Herbalist Guild.

Whether you are looking for dragon’s blood, fairy lantern or fawn lily for your next spell, feverfew or eyebright for your health, or just some fun and innovative ingredients to play around with in the kitchen, Dandelion Botanicals certainly won’t disappoint. Come by and learn the rudiments of perfumery!

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