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David Grohl Alley

This alley-cum-fan gallery in the ex-Nirvana drummer's hometown holds the world's largest drumsticks. 


Only the second alley in the world to be named after a rock artist (after Oklahoma’s Flaming Lips Alley), Ohio’s David Grohl Alley celebrates the career of the acclaimed drummer with a collection of devotional fan creations including the world’s largest drumsticks.

Turning the formerly filthy byway in Grohl’s hometown of Warren, Ohio into a shrine dedicated to the musician was surprisingly the brainchild of a police sergeant. Warren native Joe O’Grady had seen his city begin to decline and realized the inspiration that Grohl could bring to the local youth, and with this in mind he lobbied the city council to change the name of a dingy alley and then spearheaded the clean up and renovation of the space himself. O’Grady contacted local artists to create various tributes to Grohl including statues, murals, and paintings honoring the man and his copious musical projects. 

Grohl himself attended the dedication of the alley in 2009 (proving himself once again to be one of the nicest guys in rock), which was repaved and is now a well-lit public gallery equipped with security cameras. Wishing the site to continue being an asset to the community, O’Grady commissioned the construction of the world’s largest drumsticks, inspired by other “world’s largest” attractions across the country. The massive drumsticks weigh 900 lbs. each, made out of a single log a piece.

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