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This unique exhibit "Dialogue in the Dark" reverses roles as the visionless become guides and the sighted become ‘blind.’ 


The exhibition Dialogue in the Dark is a recurring social experience that not only asks sighted participants to walk in the shoes of a blind person, but also asks the sight-impaired to share in the experience themselves. 

Small groups of visitors are guided by blind or visually impaired experts through a lightless course with changing themed rooms. The result is an incomparable role reversal training the senses and empathy and making inclusion a direct experience. The exhibition concept was first developed in Frankfurt am Main 30 years ago. Today, it is considered an outstanding example of social entrepreneurship. The Dialogue Social Enterprise franchise exhibition is internationally successful and has won many awards. 

In Frankfurt, the DIALOGMUSEUM has had a permanent place in the museum landscape since 2005 and attracted almost a million visitors until 2018. Since 2021 the new museum is located in the city centre, on the B-level at Hauptwache.

A special experience is the KlangRaum, which can be visited independently of the guided “DIALOGUE IN THE DARK” tour. On comfortable sound furniture, visitors immerse themselves in darkness in a surround sound installation that can be felt all over the body.

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Booking online. Be there 30 minutes in advance. You need loose small money for the DarkBar, the last exhibition room

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