Dinosaurland – White Post, Virginia - Atlas Obscura
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White Post, Virginia


Outsider art meets paleontology at this roadside reptile repository. 

Like many of its roadside brethren, Virginia’s Dinosaurland is more concerned with the size and spectacle of its thunder lizards than anything so boring as facts, and the site is all the better for it.

Originally started as a small gift shop, Dinosaurland’s owner took inspiration from a local mini-golf course’s prehistoric statuary and began building his own in the late 1960s. After a number of the homemade beasts were created, the gift shop was officially retitled “Dinosaurland,” and a new sign mimicking the “Disneyland” sign was added. The shop’s owner continued to add new statues as the decades went by, building attacking Tyrannosaurs and doe-eyed Stegosaurs. The skewed proportions and fantastic posing remained while Dinosaurland branched out slightly, adding such eye-catchers as a King Kong statue (20’!) and a Jaws statue (60’!).

The park now contains over 50 creatures which have weathered and chipped over the years, but the unmistakable style of an artisan building out of his imagination and not a historical reference still permeates the concrete menagerie. The gift shop is extensive now, its own attraction, offering every kind of touristy chintz imaginable.

Know Before You Go

Take Exit 6 off I-66 and go north on Route 522 for about nine miles, to the intersection with Route 277. From I-81, use Exit 307 and Route 277 east. Dinosaurland is at the intersection of 522 and 277.