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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Dr. Rafael M. Moscoso National Botanical Garden

A remarkable range of flora and fauna are represented in this Dominican nature preserve. 

Named after the accomplished Dominican botanist who cataloged the considerable range of plant life of Hispaniola, the Dr. Rafael M. Moscoso National Botanical Garden was founded in 1976. Covering 400 acres (160 hectares), the park showcases the remarkable endemism in both the birds and vegetation native to the second-largest island in the Caribbean.

The garden features collections of bromeliads, ferns, palms, succulents, medicinal plants, and an exhibit of over 300 types of orchids. The expansive, well-maintained park is also a popular destination for bird watchers, as a wide variety of avian species—both familiar and rare—make either permanent or transitory homes in the Dominican Republic. Species such as the Hispaniolan woodpecker, Hispaniolan parakeet, Limpkin, Broad-billed tody, and the West Indian Whistling-duck can be seen here among the lush and verdant vegetation. A traditional Japanese garden can also be found on the premises.

The park’s symbol, found throughout in various representations, is the leaf of a guanito, which is a palm tree common to the garden.

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