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Furth im Wald, Germany

Each year, Germany's "City of Dragons" slays the world's largest walking robot. 


Home to the oldest folk play in Germany, the picturesque medieval village of Furth im Wald, nestled in the Bavarian forest, is also home to a 15-meter-long, fire-breathing dragon.

The Dragon Slaying Festival (Drachenstich) in the village of Furth im Wald has been performed since 1590, and since 1887 this dramatic public drama has played out during the second week of every August. The festival consists of more than a thousand locals dressed up in historical costumes, with over 250 horses, a hero knight, and his wife who needs to be rescued from a giant, fire-breathing dragon. In 2006, the old fire-breathing monster was retired and replaced by a new electronic marvel — Tradinno, a massive fire-spewing robot. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Tradinno is the largest walking robot in the world. 

Because of this long history of dragon killing, Furth im Wald has become known as “The City of Dragons,” something that will be obvious to anyone wandering around the town. There are dragons everywhere — painted on buildings, in sculptures, on the front of the town hall, etc. If you can’t make it to Furth in August to see the festival, you can see Tradinno in his lair (the Drachenhöhle) during the summer months (between Easter and October).

In addition, the town is home to the “First German Dragon Museum” where you can see dragon-themed memorabilia, art, historical objects, information about the Dragon Slaying Festival, and the retired fire breathing dragon. 

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