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East German Bunker Museum

Frauenwald, Germany

This German "living museum" is maybe a bit too immersive. 


Visiting military museums can be a bit of a numbing experience with endless displays of obsolete equipment and photos that it is hard to truly understand. 

However, the East German Bunker Museum provides a solution to this burnout by offering an overnight stay in their actual bunker where visitors are treated as East German soldiers circa the 1970’s. Guests who opt to stay in the bunker for the 16-hour “reality event” are provided with authentic uniforms and given the military treatment. Superiors will yell at them, sirens will jolt them into action, and bed checks are enforced. The underground museum features old weaponry and maps to view, along with a number of busts and paintings of former German military figures. Surrounded by the aging ordinance, visitors bed down in simple sleeping bunks hung on the walls. The temporary soldiers are given limited meals and the schedule even advertises a rather ominous “bedtime story.” Joining the army is a scary proposition, but the East German Bunker Museum might be a good first step.       

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