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Budapest, Hungary

Elektotechnikai Múzeum

Electrical curiosity museum housed in an old transformer station. 

A fascinating – if popularly neglected – museum, the Elektotechnikai Múzeum features Wimshurst Electrostatic Generators, a Van De Graff generator, Tesla Coils, a model of a nineteenth-century electric car, early motors, and many other electrical delights.

The guide was everything one could want; handlebar mustachioed, lab coat wearing, and very enthusiastic. As part of the tour he passed a high voltage current through various gases, including mercury, which produced a beautiful and eerie blue light. The Electrotechnical Múzeum is housed in a beautiful old transformer station, adding to the turn of the century ambiance. With a wonderful collection of early electrical devices, it is a thrilling museum visit for anyone with the slightest interest in electrical technology.

Keep a look out for a reproduction of Tesla’s egg of Columbus; which the guide will gladly demonstrate for you.

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