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Elvis Presley Memorial Garden

The King is honored by an elaborate grotto on a continent he never visited. 


The large necropolis that is Melbourne General Cemetery was established in 1852 and sprawls over 100 acres, representing the diverse multicultural makeup of Australia. Oh, and Elvis.

Wandering around the sprawling cemetery, visitors can find a who’s who of Australian historical figures are buried there. They can also find a large memorial to The King, Elvis Presley, even though he never even visited Australia (although to be fair, Elvis only ever played five shows outside of the U.S., and a couple of shows in a pre-statehood Hawaii). Commissioned by the President of the Elvis Presley Fan Club of Australia in 1977, the Elvis Presley Memorial Garden is one of the cemetery’s largest memorials.

The large monument consists of a large stone feature made of ragged rock. The cracks and crevasses in the stone are crammed with ferns and succulents meant to evoke the flora of Presley’s native Memphis. Tucked into a bend in the rock is a glossy black headstone carved with images of The King. Flowers and stuffed animals are left by adoring fans which increase around his birthday and the anniversary of his death.

Even though Elvis isn’t really buried, the kitschy memorial brings fans from across Australia even though the man himself never bothered to visit them.

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