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Eriskay Football Pitch

FIFA deemed this isolated field one of the most remarkable places to play the sport. 


Seeing as fewer than 150 people inhabit the Isle of Eriskay, located in the Outer Hebrides off Scotland’s west coast, the local football games hardly draw a crowd. Yet the home base for the island’s football team gained international recognition when FIFA named it one of the most unique places on Earth to play the game.

The Eriskay football pitch looks out over stunning views of the nearby islands. The terrain is bumpy, the weather often raw and wet. Dreary days and dark nights fill the winter months, making it less-than-enjoyable to squeeze in a game.

But in the summer, long stretches of daylight foster favorable playing conditions. The pitch boasts panoramic views of quaint houses and a coastal environment bursting with color—a sight not typically found in an overpacked urban stadium. 

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