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Exchange Bar & Grill is permanently closed.

Exchange Bar & Grill

Test your business savvy and play the market for cocktails at this stock exchange-inspired watering hole. 


No matter what state the economy is in, there are a few things that will always be in demand; gold, oil, and booze.

The Exchange Bar is proof that it’s always a buyer’s market for libations, cleverly determining the price of its drinks using a model similar to the exciting ups and downs of Wall Street. The system, while intimidating, is simple to understand - the more popular a drink, the pricier it becomes, which means if you play the market right you can get a good drink for a low price. However, if you opt for a more popular drink when you order, you’ll be laying down a more hefty investment.

A flatscreen and LCD ticker tape tracks the price hikes and drops in real time. While the prices of the Exchange (much like its Wall Street counterpart) depends on patron demand, there are a few ways to best the system. Their Happy Hour comes in the form of a “Market Crash”, where all the drinks are lowered to their lowest possible price, and insider trading is allowed and encouraged.

Another, more subtle way to manipulate the market is to come in on key drinking days, and order the opposite of what tradition dictates. Drinking tequila on St. Patrick’s day or whisky during Cinco de Mayo may not be in the spirit of things, but could save you some cash and provide the same end game - fun drunken times had by all without losing your shirt.

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