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Fahrenheit Monument

This antique thermometer honors the creator of the first universal temperature scale. 


Daniel Fahrenheit was born in 1686 in the Polish city of Gdansk, and they continue to honor the pioneering temperature scientist with the Fahrenheit Monument.

Fahrenheit enjoyed a nomadic childhood whilst his merchant father traded across the cities of the Hanseatic League.  Orphaned at 16 when his parents unwittingly ate poisonous mushrooms, he then joined the employ of an Amsterdam merchant. It was in science, however, that his passion lay, and he was soon corresponding with the brightest minds of the age whilst conducting experiments. By 1724 his famous temperature scale was complete and his place in history secure. Despite the rise of the Celsius scale, Fahrenheit’s scale remains in use in several countries. 

The Gdansk Fahrenheit Monument displays an antique thermometer to remember the man. 

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