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Faroe Islands One-Lane Tunnels

The narrow passages will challenge even the bravest driver. 


Driving in the Faroe Islands can be daunting: there are sheep blocking the roads, the weather is unpredictable, and fog can sweep in at any time. But the unilluminated one-lane tunnels may be the biggest challenge drivers face.

The mountainous terrain of the Faroe Islands has always been difficult for the people living there. Until tunnels were constructed, entire villages remained isolated, accessible only via long hikes or by sea.

Though the tunnels were indeed a useful addition, they can make for some hairy driving. Driving through the one-lane tunnels can be challenging and invoke a feeling of horror-filled joy in even the most experienced driver.

The one-lane tunnels have passing places spaced about 330 feet apart, where cars heading in opposite directions can yield to one another. When approaching one of these tunnels, you’ll want to make sure there’s a fair amount of distance between you and any other cars, so everyone can ensure they have access to one of these passing places. You’ll also need to keep your headlights on while you’re on the move, as the tunnels are usually pitch black.

But as with most rules, there are exceptions as to who is expected to yield. The passing places are too small for buses or trucks, so they automatically get the right-of-way, even if the passing space is on their side of the road. If you encounter a truck or bus, you’ll have to pull over to “their” side of the road, turn your lights off, and wait for them to pass. 

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There are 10 one-lane tunnels spread out over the Faroe Islands.

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