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Fell Family Cemetery

Wedged between two sets of row houses is an awkwardly located family graveyard. 


Awkwardly placed between to sets of row houses in their namesake Baltimore neighborhood is the gravesite of William Fell and family. Imagine waking up each morning, walking outside, and seeing a tiny family cemetery right next to your home. Bizarre indeed. 

A memorial stone placed at the site bears the family name, though there are conflicting accounts as to whether the actual bodies of the Fells are still buried below it. Regardless, the spot is a favorite stop on any local ghost tour, and the source of more than one sighting of ghostly figures wandering the neighborhood at night.

William Fell founded the area 1730 when the location was lush forest next to a waterfront. It was the ideal spot for shipbuilding, which is what Fells Point became known for. By the 1760s, William’s son was developing the area with all the houses, businesses, brothels, and pubs that went along with 18th-century ship building. 

When the family members died off, they were buried in Bond Cemetery, now known as Fell Family Cemetery since Fell is the the only grave marker left in the area. Some say the bodies were exhumed and moved, while others believe the Fell family is still buried in their enduring graveyard. 

Know Before You Go

Though much of the internet lists the cemetery as being on Bethel Street, it is actually on Shakespeare Street a few blocks down on the left.

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