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Gothenburg, Sweden

Feskekôrka - The "Fish Church"

A Gothic-inspired fish market is Gothenburg's best place to find loaves and fishes. 

While street signs will lead you to “Feskekyrkan,” as it would be spelled in proper Swedish, the local dialect leads you to their favorite fish market, the Feskekôrka or “fish church.”

Built near the mouth of the Rosenlund Canal in 1874, it was designed to look like a Gothic church to attract attention and tourists. A mix of classic romanticism and 19th-century experimentation culminated in a striking building.

Besides the standard fish market, there are a few restaurants and several options for take-away from here, perfect for a picnic in a park. Highly recommended is the smoked salmon. Round out the supplies with a couple of beers from the government-operated liquor store Systembolaget and some fruit and cheese from Willy’s (a Swedish supermarket chain) and enjoy the makings of a great afternoon in the sun. 

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