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Fideus de Vermar

Plaça de l'Església
Binissalem, Spain

Gargantuan pots of slow-cooked lamb, noodles, and red wine feed everyone at a Mallorcan harvest festival. 


On the Spanish island of Mallorca, locals honor the heritage of the small town of Binissalem for two weeks each September, just after the harvest ends. The town’s history includes thousands of years’ worth of winemaking, and the extended celebration, Festa des Vermar, features a plethora of wine-related activities.

Once the several-hundred-person fruit fight, wine-themed parade, and grape-stomping contest comes to a close, cooks get to work on a traditional variation of paella. They rely on gargantuan pots to prepare quantities of Fideus de Vermar that serve around 1,400 people. Chefs set up outside, filling their massive cauldrons with slow-cooked lamb, tomatoes, short noodles, pork sausage, red wine, and aromatic spices. Historically, farmers enjoyed this spicy, savory dish while working in the fields. Now, the entire town chows down picnic-style, relaxing in the open air of the main square after a slew of rambunctious festivities.

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