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Finch and Co Antiques

English antique dealers with a taste for the unusual. 


The Finches are antique dealers. But unlike other antique dealers, they have collected a cabinet of curiosities and antiquities from around the world that not only reflects the diversity of human civilization but also how much of it remains unfamiliar to most of us.

Their collection includes individual and eclectic antiquities, curiosities, ethnographic items, European works of art, maritime art, objects from the Orient, photographs, pictures, and drawings.

The collection comprises a wide range of esoterica, from a shrunken Amazonian skull to an ancient Nigerian club that was used to killed unwanted babies to 150-year-old letters from an Anglican Church preacher chronicling his experiences amongst “the Indian heathens.”

Also among their odd collection are an English carved Sperm Whale tooth snuff box, an unusual English carved and polychromed coconut flash, prehistoric carving tools, and more.

The Finches live and work to produce a sought-after contemporary collection of oddities. They are known for the quality of their presentations, and collectors and antique connoisseurs all around the world enthusiastically wait for their bi-annual catalog.

Something you may also appreciate in London and related to pictures, valuable pieces, and memorabilia is The Vault of the Hard Rock Café. It is situated at 150 Old Park Lane, London, W1K 1QZ.

It now features even more exciting items like Clapton’s silversuit from Cream’s final album, Madonna JPG Bustier, and the harpsichord used by the Beatles.

When you step into The Vault you will be in another world full of marvels safely kept because it was previously the very premises of the private bank Coutts.

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