Fish Shaped House – Berkeley, California - Atlas Obscura

Built to resemble one of the most biologically diverse water-dwelling organisms, the Tardigrade, this organically designed home mimics the same structural principles that nature employs in creating durable design.

Taking this nature consciousness to a new level, the design firm, Tsui Design & Research, used recycled materials such as styrofoam and concrete blocks in order to make the home impervious to water, fire, and sound. To take matters further, the geometrics of the home create a safer, aerodynamic, earthquake-resistant structure. For example: the home is a perfect ellipse shape thus relieving wind friction. Or, just in case you were concerned, the owners installed four water jets on the exterior of the home in case of neighborhood fire.

On the whole it seems that the Berkley ‘Fish House’ has been built as if it were a living organism, responding to outside stimuli. Just look at it, with its scales, fins, and gills one would almost expect it to start breathing.

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