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Floating Mesa

Bushland, Texas

The top of a giant mesa, just outside of Amarillo, appears to float in the sky above. 


Another creation of the eccentric millionaire known as Stanley Marsh 3, - who prefers the Arabic numeral to the Roman numeral which he finds pretentious - Marsh is most know for his Cadillac Ranch creation. The Floating Mesa, one the many odd spectacles created by him in and around Amarillo, is a short drive northwest of town.

The illusion is that the top portion of the mesa is floating, which is fully realized whenever the sky is the right shade of white. On clear days with no overcast, the line of plywood sheets painted white appears to blend in with the sky behind the mesa. While the Floating Mesa’s illusion only works from one side, the effect is nonetheless intriguing.

When asked about his art Stanley Marsh 3 simply replied, “Art is a legalized form of insanity, and I do it very well.”

Know Before You Go

From Amarillo, take State Hwy 1061 (Tascosa Road) to the Northwest, about 8 miles away is the junction with State Hwy 2381, the Floating Mesa is just to the east of this Junction.


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