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Fort George

An 18th-century fort in the business district of Mumbai. 


The business district of Mumbai is known as Fort. The area is full of government and private offices, old heritage buildings, stunning architecture, cafes, restaurants, and tree-lined roads.

The area got its name from a fort which was built here by the British during the 18th-century.

In 1769, Fort George was built as an extension of the fortifications of Bombay (now Mumbai), in order to strengthen the defenses of the area. It was built in place of the erstwhile Dongri Fort.

The purpose of its construction was to provide defense in case of an unexpected attack from Napoleon Bonaparte. Apart from being a defensive fortification, it was also used as a warehouse for storing arms and ammunition.

During that period, the fort was under a mile long and well over 1,000 feet wide. It was named after King George III of the United Kingdom.

In the 19th-century, the British no longer needed the fort for defense. Along with that, the city was expanding and there was an increase of trade and commerce. So, as per the city’s expansion plan, the fort was demolished in 1862 by Sir Barter Fier.

Currently, visitors can see a portion of the fort’s wall from the road. It remains one of the last remnants of the former fort. The wall provides a nice opportunity for taking a few pictures. On a cool morning, it is fun to explore this slice of history.

Know Before You Go

This fort is located on P D'Mello Road, a short walk away from General Post Office Mumbai.

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