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Four Corners Monument (Canada Edition)

Two provinces and two territories touch borders deep in the middle of the wilderness. 


Located deep within a taiga forest, the Canadian Four Corners monument marks much the same thing as its American cousin: the meeting the corners of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories and Nunavut on a single spot. 

Miles into the wilderness from any road or dwelling, the squat aluminium obelisk is a geocacher’s dream. The monument stands around three feet tall and marks the intersection of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. Anyone wanting to check out the pillar for themselves will have to hike in over the difficult terrain as there are no trails or roads leading to the survey point. Anyone willing to make the trek will be greeted with a ramshackle survey tower and a cap on the monument that threatens five years in jail for anyone who dares steal the small spire. Due to shifting political boundaries, there is some debate as to whether the Four Corners Monument actually sits on the meeting spot of the four territories, but few people have been interested enough to hike in and find out.  

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