Garden of the Gods – Colorado Springs, Colorado - Atlas Obscura
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Colorado Springs, Colorado

Garden of the Gods

Strange red rock formations that have been attributed to a higher power for hundreds of years. 

Colorado is famous for its grand red rock formations, but no area is quite as impressive as the stratified stone towers and oddly uniform vegetation of the Garden of the Gods.

Made up of sedimentary deposits of sandstone and limestone which have been turned horizontally, vertically, stacked and slanted by ancient tectonic upheaval. The seemingly impossible formations such as the teetering “Balanced Rock” and the spires of the “Three Graces” have fascinated local Native American tribes who left a number of petroglyphs in the area and explorers later on who gave the stones their grandiose name. The sudden ridges that were squeezed into being a geologic age ago are now popular sites for mountain climbers and hikers.