The Garret – Bloomington, Indiana - Atlas Obscura

The Garret is one of the oldest and most ornate limestone buildings in Bloomington. Built originally as a private residence, it has been home to the Garret Antiques since 1976. 

The building was purchased by the Garrett family in 1974 and filled with their curio collection which included geologic specimens, furniture, fixtures and antiques, some erotica, lots of lamps, and lamp parts. 

It’s rumored that the Garretts have several storage sheds full of additional wares that are not open to the public. Dennis Garrett used to run a lapidary shop in the basement making polished stone lampshades. He was stricken with dementia around 2002 and has since passed. His wife now runs the wondrous establishment as an antique shop, selling some of the valued items in the collection. 

The Batman house is the most eclectic Queen Anne Victorian home in Bloomington. It was built in 1895 and was designed by architect John Nichols as a grandiose wedding gift to the union of Bloomington’s most prominent families: Batman and Waldron.

The antique shop closed in December of 2023 with the passing of Nancy Garrett. However, everything in the building and outbuildings, including Dennis & Nancy’s private collections, will be sold at online auction by Estate & Downsizing Specialists. Auctions have already begun and will continue through probably the end of 2025. After the auctions, even the house itself will be sold.

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