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Gaspar Dias Fort Cannon

This cannon was part of a 16th-century fort near Miramar Beach in Panaji. 


Miramar Beach is one of the most popular destinations in Panaji for locals and tourists. There is a round traffic junction at the beach’s entrance. In the middle of the traffic island stands a cannon facing west.

The cannon once belonged to a fort that stood in the area known as Gaspar Dias Fort or Forta da Ponta de Gaspar Dias because the land once belonged to a Portuguese nobleman Gaspar Dias. Construction of the fort began in 1598 under the governorship of then Viceroy Dom Francisco da Gama.

In 1835 there was a revolt within the fort premises. The revolt was put down and the fort was destroyed by the military. Later, it was restored in 1842. In 1869, it was suggested that the fort could be used by convalescing soldiers and hence was turned into a sanatorium in 1878.

Eventually, the fort crumbled due to neglect and was razed to make way for changing times. Today, no signs of the fort can be found around Miramar beach, except for the cannon at Miramar Circle. A few other cannons recovered from the fort have been kept at other locations across Goa.

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The cannon stands at the traffic junction at Miramar Circle at the entrance of the beach.

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