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General John Stark House

New Hampshire's most beloved war hero lived out his retirement in this peaceful homestead.  


When it comes to war heroes, General John Stark holds a special place in New Hampshire history. Known as “The Hero of Bennington,” Stark’s name adorns taverns, schools, highways, and parks across the granite state. He is even credited with popularizing the phrase “live free or die,” which now serves as New Hampshire’s motto. With such a remarkable life under his belt, it seems fitting that Stark would retire to a quiet, peaceful life in Manchester’s calm and beautiful North Side.

It can be surprising to see that such a celebrated man lived in such a modest abode. The 1-1/2 story house seems perfect for relaxing in a quiet lifestyle, which is exactly what it was used for. Stark and his wife Molly moved into the house constructed by Archibald Stark, the general’s father, in 1736 raising their two children inside. 

Originally located on Canal Street (about a mile south from its present location), the Starks left the property in 1765. It eventually fell into the hands of the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company, where it was used for workers quarters until the 1930s when the company donated it to the local Daughters of the American Revolution. The organization renovated the property and moved it to its current location in 1968. 

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