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London, England

Genius Treasure Museum

This informal museum is a magical trove of anonymous art collected from car boots and flea markets. 

The Genius Treasure Museum is strange, funny, and beautiful in the weirdest way. It is a collection of artworks and objects found at car boots sales and flea markets, almost always made by unknown amateur creators but full of character and quirks.

This unique museum of outsider art is very informal, located in a repurposed church/former recording studio that hosted the likes of Depeche Mode and The Pixies in the 1990s. The collection is completely free and you’re offered a cup of tea upon entering, and welcome to take photos and pick things up. While the collection only takes up one room, there are a lot of treasures packed into the space, and more added all the time.

Know Before You Go

The museum is only open on Thursday evenings, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. To get in you have to knock or ring the doorbell on the doors of All Hallows Church on Pepper Street. There is no advertising from the outside but the museum is in there. To get a taster of the artworks in the collection, check out the Instagram account @geniustreasurecollection.

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