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George Washington's Headquarters

This one-room cabin where the young colonel slept during the French and Indian War. 


George slept a lot of places, no doubt. But tucked away at an intersection where Maryland meets West Virginia is a small cabin that was then-Colonel George Washington’s headquarters during the French and Indian War, in which he served as an aide to General Edward Braddock.

Built in 1755, the cabin has been moved from its original location, following the destruction of the nearby Fort Cumberland. Because of this, the structure cannot be listed on the National Historic Register, but it is designated a historic site in Maryland state.

The single-room cabin itself remains largely closed to the public, with the exception of special occasions, such as Cumberland’s annual “Heritage Days” festival in June. Visitors are otherwise free to explore the grounds, and encouraged to approach the cabin. Upon stepping up onto the porch and peering in through the windows, visitors are treated to a collection of historical displays and period artifacts furnished by the local chapter of The Daughters of the American Revolution. The exhibit inside features period-correct furniture, weaponry, flags and even a life-size wax reproduction of Washington himself. 

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