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The Giant Lemon of Lemon Grove

The Giant Lemon of Lemon Grove. 


Discovered on January 8, 2003, by Aharon Shemoel on his farm in Kefar Zeitim, Israel, was a lemon weighing an astonishing 11 pounds and 9.7 ounces, making it officially the world’s largest lemon. This sour giant, however, has nothing on the much less edible lemon found somewhat east of San Diego in the small town of Lemon Grove.

In Lemon Grove (named for its famous lemons) is an enormous lemon about ten feet long and several feet high. It lies inside a small lemon grove near the Orange Line trolley tracks, and its concrete base sports the words “Best Climate On Earth.”

Interestingly, the town doesn’t claim to have the “World’s Largest Lemon”—but the lemon of Lemon Grove is certainly extremely large enough to qualify.

Know Before You Go

Corner of Broadway and Main St. next to the trolley tracks. Broadway and Lemon Grove Avenue.

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