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Giant Ram

Wagin, Australia

Everything about this over-size novelty animal is huge including its testicles. 


Built in 1985, Wagin’s Giant Ram is part of the the network of Big Things across Australia’s rural and regional areas, although unlike many of the country’s whimsical giants, this ram is anatomically correct.

Sculptor Andrew Hickson was commissioned to build the ram to commemorate the district’s role in the Australian wool industry. Measuring in at 30 feet high, the beast’s scale is second only to Goulburn’s Giant Merino, likely the biggest ram in the world. However, what the Wagin ram lacks in height it makes up in genitalia size. While the Goulburn ram was not built with any visible reproductive organs, the proud Wagin ram sports a rather impressive faux-woolen pair between its oversized hind legs. The big balls are a popular photo opportunity and while sculptural scrotums are not unheard of (see the Wall Street Bull), they are almost never featured on giant-size installation. The ram even stands on a pavilion so that visitors can stroll beneath its bulk and inspect its undercarriage. 

No visit to Wagin is complete without seeing the giant ram, and perhaps taking a picture under its impressive cojones, although it should be noted that picnicking and bushwalking are also popular activities in the area. 

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