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Haliç Metro Bridge

Taking the subway here means doing so over a bridge located in the middle of an estuary. 


The Haliç Metro bridge was designed to link two of the most central districts of Istanbul through Metro Line 2: The historic Fatih area and the Beyoglu hill. In order to give common access to both areas, the metro station is located above the bridge over the famous estuary.

The word “haliç” means estuary. First opened in February 2014, the bridge was developed by Michel Virlogeux and Hakan Kiran. Virlogeux, a French engineer, is also responsible for two of the tallest bridges in the world.

The well over 2,000-foot long bridge stretches over the water and consists of three main sections.  Its design is unusual since the metro station is located in its central section. The bridge was involved in controversy from the beginning since it was built in a protected historical site and it affected the view of the Süleymaniye Mosque. Due to these issues, the height of the bridge was reduced.

Know Before You Go

The metro station is accessible from both sides of the bridge via pedestrian walkways adjacent to the bridge.

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