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Goose Rock

Lacrouzette, France

A precariously balanced goose-shaped boulder with a dark legend. 


In southwest France, a huge rock remains static without any logic. It looks like a goose. For thousands of years, people have avoided challenging its proud silhouette. In fact, an old legend has made locals stay away from this peculiar stone.  

The goose-shaped boulder is tucked in a dark forest surrounded by oaks and chestnut trees. Here, men and women who were banished for religious or political opinions found a shelter in centuries past. Eventually a strange legend was born about the place. The story goes that a local wizard allowed his goose to hatch a unique egg during the night. The bird decided to emancipate itself to discover the world, but got lost and didn’t return until very late, at which point the old man decided to turn the goose into a rock as a punishment—a terrible and enormous stone which seems ready to take off at any moment.

The boulder, despite its size and its weight, stands precariously on a very little part of its body. Many people have tried to move it but none have managed to disturb the Goose Rock’s serenity.  

Know Before You Go

Getting to the Goose Rock is easy by car. Toulouse Airport is one hour and a half away. You can also reach Castres, the nearest town, by plane. There is a parking lot next to the area. Then, a short path leads under the trees to the boulder.

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August 25, 2015

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