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Holly Springs, Mississippi

Graceland Too

Pink, packed sanctuary and home of the world's fullest-time Elvis fanatic. 

Sorry, Graceland Too is permanently closed.

Graceland Too, located in Holly Springs, MS, some 46 miles from Elvis Presley’s Memphis estate, is both a compelling tribute to the King of Rock-n-Roll and a worthwhile site of exploration into the limits of human obsession.

Owner and inhabitant Paul McLeod has assembled not just a striking collection of Elvis memorabilia, including costumes, records, pictures, and media archives, but has also built a self-referential tribute to and archive of his own love for the King. There are Polaroids of all previous visitors to the site, pictures of McLeod from his days as an Elvis impersonator, and – word has it – a newly constructed replica of the Jailhouse Rock set.

Owner Paul McLeod passed away July 17, 2014. Graceland Too is rumored to re-open.

Update September 2015: Graceland Too has not reopened, there was an auction of stuff.  There is a documentary being worked on now.