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Grave of Sevilla Jones

This young woman's tombstone names her murderer, who is buried in the same cemetery. 


In New Hampshire’s New Boston Cemetery, a peculiar plot has been drawing attention for more than 150 years. Not because it’s an especially flashy or opulent tomb, but because the gravestone of Sevilla Jones calls out the would-be suitor who ended her life.

On January 13, 1854, a 17-year-old Sevilla Jones was walking to school with her younger brother when she was stopped by Henry Sargent. Sargent had been courting Jones, but he had fallen out of favor with her mother, which ended their courtship. It appears that Sargent started harassing her and, when this didn’t work either, he paid for his grave to be dug and purchased two guns. On this fateful morning, he shot Sevilla four times and then shot himself once. According to the story, the doctor was so upset by Sargent’s actions that he refused to treat his wounds and let the man die.

In an unusual move, Sevilla’s family chose to call out Sargent for his dastardly act. Her gravestone reads: Daughter of George and Sarah Jones. MURDERED by Henry N. Sargent. January 13, 1854. Aged 17 years and 9 months. Thus fell this lovely blooming daughter, by the revengeful hand, a malicious Henry, when on her way to school, he met her and with a six self-cocked pistol, shot her.

Henry Sargent is also buried in New Boston Cemetery, just a few hundred feet away from Sevilla.

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The cemetery is closed to vehicles during the winter months. Sevilla's grave is located towards the bottom of the hill behind a white building located near Cemetery Road.

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