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Habokrim Restaurant

Merom Golan, Golan

Saddle up to Israel's only cowboy-themed bar for a hearty (and kosher) steak. 


Located on a kibbutz that offers a number of traditionally Western pastimes such as horseback riding and cattle wrangling, the Habokrim Restaurant tries to provide a real Wild West experience while keeping to Jewish law.

Despite being located in a tumultuous area of Golan Heights near the Syrian border, the ranchers of the Merom Golan kibbutz continue to raise beef cattle in much the same fashion as Western cowboys have for over a century. The area’s unique climate and flora make it an ideal spot to raise the livestock and also tends to attract a number of tourists to the area. For those visitors who don’t want to get their hands dirty in the actual farm, the kibbutz offer the Habokrim Restaurant which has all the theme with none of the mess.    

The eatery is located inside of a modern-built wood building, meant to look like a log construction from the 1800’s. Inside, diners can sidle up to the rustic tables and take in the Old West themed decorations. The menu offers hearty cowboy fare such as steaks, kebabs, and grilled lamb chops, all kosher and made from the fresh meat of the local livestock. 

The Habokrim Restaurant sits right next to a working horse corral so diners might even get to eat along with some actual Israeli cowboys, an experience most Wild West enthusiasts haven’t even considered.  

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