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Handwerkerdörfl Pichla

Pichla bei Mureck, Austria

This open-air museum filled with 19th-century buildings offers a unique view of historic craftsmanship. 


This historical recreation of a 19-century Styrian village is filled with historic buildings transferred from their original locations and restored. Handwerkerdörfl is the work of Gerhard Seher has rebuilt this small village using demolished historical buildings. 

The village is located on Seher’s family farm in Pichla. The old farmhouse, which was built in the late 18th century, was his favorite place as a child. After decades of collecting historic tools, Seher started collecting historic buildings as well, which he rebuilt around the farmhouse. “In the past, people repaired things, today they throw them away,” he told Steiermark magazine, “I want to keep things for posterity that shouldn’t be forgotten.”

There are more than 20 buildings on the site, most of which come from the area surrounding Pichla. You can see a grocer’s shop, a wainwright’s shop, a cobbler’s workshop, a barn with old farming equipment, a tree press, an apiary, a farmhouse with a smoke kitchen, a weaving mill, a smith shop, a chapel, and a historic classroom.

Know Before You Go

The entrance is 5 € and only cash.

The museum can be visited all year round. You can also bring some lunch or coffee because it can make a great picnic. Just follow the Google maps and the place is really easy to find. There is not much traffic anywhere in the area and the place is really nice for the whole family.

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