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Cuenca, Spain

Hanging Houses of Cuenca

Cliffside houses provide a spectacular view from their perilous perch above the valley. 

Nestled in the the city of Cuenca, in the autonomous community of Castile-La Mancha is a fine example of the absolute maximization of available space that the 15th through 18th centuries could provide.

Perched high atop a hill, 85 miles East of Madrid, the City of Cuenca lacked the option to spread out as population grew, so they did the next best: they expanded upwards, and outwards.

Once a common sight throughout the entire city, these houses, know as “hanging houses” seem to cling perilously to rocky outcroppings. Sometimes topping out at seven or eight, gravity defying (for the age) stories, these rascacielos, or skyscrapers often extended out over the valley far below.

The only remaining, intact structure of this type is Las Casas Colgadas, translated literally as The Hanging Houses, is now the location of the Cuenca Spanish Museum of Abstract Arts as well as a restaurant.

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