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Harrison's Cave

This popular tourist cave was ignored for almost 200 years before being mined into an attraction. 


In an environment as gorgeous as tropical Barbados, its a bit strange that a limestone cave is the number one attraction, but its even stranger that the stunning Harrison’s Cave was almost forgotten altogether.

Originally charted in 1795 by local explorers, the caves, despite their rich geologic variety and beauty were left virtually unexplored for nearly 180 years. In 1974, an enterprising caver named Ole Sorenson was commissioned to map out the caverns, and he instantly saw the potential for exploitation.

Thanks to the calcium-rich water running down the cave walls and dripping from the ceiling, countless unique geologic formations had grown in the depths of the cave. Work began to excavate new tunnels and divert underground streams to turn the eye-popping rock formations into a more tourist-friendly spelunk.

Harrison’s Cave, set in the island’s center in St. Thomas, is named for Thomas Harrison, a prominent 18th-century landowner. This site was opened for business in 1981 and visitors can now take tram rides through the caves, experiencing the carefully groomed wonders of nature. 


Know Before You Go

If you're taking the bus (cheaper than a car of course), you can take the Route 4 Shorey Village bus (large blue bus) from the Bridgetown Terminal. Bus fare by bus or minibus is BDS$2 (US$1).

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