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Hell, Grand Cayman

West Bay, Cayman Islands

Send a postcard while vacationing with Satan. 


Hell can be very hot, especially in the summer. Most people picture flames engulfing most of the underworld, when in fact, Hell is mostly covered in black limestone, tourists, and excessive kitsch.

Poking out from its lush surroundings on Grand Cayman is a small patch no bigger than a soccer field of rough, black limestone formations referred to as Hell. Hell was created by salt and lime deposits over 24 million years, and the legend of its name’s origin is controversial. Some say locals believed the place was similar to Hell’s landscape. Others assert that a British general hunting in the area exclaimed “Oh hell,” when he missed a shot near the area.

Whatever the history behind the name, the area has attracted huge numbers of visitors and fostered a blooming tourism industry. Men dressed as the devil roam the gift shop and Club Inferno serves as the location’s top watering hole. There is even a post office where you can send friends and relatives postcards from Hell.

According to Wikipedia, “Hell can be quite busy as it is a stop for cruise ship tours.” Those planning a visit from nearby George Town should schedule their trip accordingly. There’s only so much room in Hell for hordes of tourists.

Know Before You Go

20 minute drive from George Town

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