Herb Mackey's Metal Sculpture Yard – Salem, Massachusetts - Atlas Obscura

If you’ve ever taken the ferry from Salem, Massachusetts to Boston, Massachusetts, you would have passed right by the amazing metal creatures assembled by Mr. Herb Mackey.

These creatures from every corner of your imagination fill his yards and adorn his stone walls. In a wonderful example of recycling and reuse, Mackey creates his metal minions from found objects.

Regulars to Salem, even when not taking the ferry, will walk the extra bit to see what new things have been born of Mackey’s mind. Mackey considers this his hobby, and others would call it art.

Some of the statues have price tags on them, so you can purchase his creations by putting money into his mail slot and taking home your chosen piece. 

Know Before You Go

Head toward the Salem Ferry; you can't miss the house. There is no parking. However, if you go when someone is outside they are more than happy to let you poke around and take pictures.

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