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Herľany Geyser

Herľany, Slovakia

One of the few cold geysers in Europe, its eruptions are powered by carbon dioxide. 

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Near the city of Košice the cold geyser of Her’lany can be seen erupting nearly every day. An impressive 30-meter high fountain in the middle of a green garden. The geyser is maintained mostly through rainwater infiltration and the circulation of underground water.

The geyser has existed for a little more than a century. The first eruption occurred in 1870, while a well was being dug in Her’lany. When the well reached a depth of 330 meters, water erupted for 10 days shooting to a height of 112 meters. In the beginning, eruptions occurred every eight or nine hours. Today, eruption intervals are between 32 - 34 hours. The timetable is reported on the city’s website

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