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Hotel de Bilderberg

Oosterbeek, Netherlands

An idyllic hotel that gave its name to a supposed shadow government. 


According to a number of popular conspiracy theories, the Hotel de Bilderberg in the Netherlands was the birthplace of the most powerful group of men in the history of the planet.   

As the story goes, in November of 1954, 50 delegates from 11 countries convened in secret at the Hotel de Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Netherlands. This group included royalty, international business leaders, the head of the Central Intelligence Agency and more. What they talked about is unknown, but it is believed that this group would go on to continually meet, year after year, at various luxury locations. New members were added but they all had the same things in commons: power, influence, and wealth. After their initial meeting, they were simply known as “The Bilderberg Group.”

The hotel itself is a lovely resort nestled in the midst of an idyllic village. Built in 1926, the lodging is abutted by a national park at its back allowing for stunning vistas and a peaceful atmosphere. Given the luxurious and secluded nature of the historic hotel, its no wonder that the world’s great and powerful may have met here.

It has been said that conspiracy theorists are just people with all the facts, but whether or not the Hotel de Bilderberg was the womb for a global conspiracy, its atmosphere of luxury and power is indisputable.    

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