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Howe Art

One artist's yard is full of shining, whirling kinetic sculptures that look like pure steel psychedelia. 


A former landscape painter, artist Anthony Howe decided that he was sick of everything being so static and began creating stunning metal sculptural pieces that spin, twist, and contort in hypnotically symmetrical ballets.

Purchasing property on Washington’s Orcas Island in 1994, Howe began filling the grounds with his chrome creations, most of which tower around 20 feet tall. Many of his moving towers feature groups of identical spikes and wings outfitted with tapered wind-scoops. Spinning around their central axis, the component pieces usually spin in unison or in a well-calibrated chaos with each arm missing another one by centimeters. Most of the pieces are buffed to a silver shine creating the effect of massive fractal displays made of floating mercury. Howe has said that he tests the wind-readiness of his crafts by attaching them to the hood of his car and driving down the highway. 

While Howe creates and places his pieces in shows and collections like any other artist, his own yard collects most of them, although it is generally closed to the public. However, Howe may open the gallery on a personal basis. In the meantime, the internet is filled with hypnotic GIFs showing his creations in action.   

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