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'Inscription of the Island'

An artist crafted this lonely left hand as an imagined relic from Singapore's history. 


In this sculpture at Changi Beach Park, artist Lim Soo Ngee imagines what the monumental relics of Bronze Age Singapore might look like. Taking inspiration from the Colossus of Rhodes, Lim envisioned a statue that stood by the Kingdom of Singapura’s ancient trade routes along the Straits of Johor, stretching out a finger to act as a sundial and guiding vessels from all around the region into Singapura’s port. Like much of classical Singapore’s history, the bulk of the imagined Colossus had since been lost, with only the left hand remaining.

Though some refer to it as simply “the Finger,” the sculpture’s official title is Inscription of the Island, was originally commissioned for the Singapore Biennale art exhibition in 2016. Before it found a home on Changi Beach, the hand was displayed in front of the Singapore Art Museum.

The sculpture in its current position has since become a landmark and popular photo spot for pan-island cyclists, marking the terminus of the Changi Coast Track. 

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